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Innovative and Unique Event Entertainment Activations and Branding

Being in the event entertainment activations business allows me the opportunity to travel and experience events from all over. I always take this opportunity to see what other people are doing and how the crowds react. I am constantly seeking fresh new ideas that surprise and delight. Ideas that allow me add my own creative twist to or completely re-invent and or re-purpose into something fresh, new and innovative.

Sometimes we get just a hint of something that might be groundbreaking if developed and brought to market. These often turn out to be entire new products or new ways to re-purpose existing products.

I also come in contact with a lot of event professionals and the number one question I always hear is “what are you seeing out there that is new”? They are board with the same old vendors doing the same old thing and most likely so are their clients. To stay relevant in the event industry you need to constantly re-invent your self into something that evolves and remains fresh, new and innovative.

One of the hottest event entertainment categories presently is all about Interactive technologies. Event professionals are seeking hot new forms of interactive entertainment activations that engage consumers and provide creative and memorable experiences. Its even better if these interactive experiences can work in a brand activation experiential capacity that can showcase event sponsors.

As the creator and developer of Interactive Dallas, its my responsibility to stay in tune with what event planners are seeking as well as what’s working and not working with the masses. Event though the event planner and designer think something will be hot, its not until the interactive technology is market tested do you find out what really works and what misses the mark. I observe how people respond and interact with technologies and make tweaks and subtle changes as needed until the product delivers on the promise of exciting and delighting event guests.

One such technology that every event planner should be working with now is the digital graffiti wall technology from Air Graffiti Dallas. This technology is versatile, customizable, and delivers on the promise of being innovative and unique.

Be aware that not all digital graffiti wall applications are the same and clearly not all operators’ posses the same amount of knowledge, experience, capability and passion as the pros at Air Graffiti Dallas do. The technology is what allows the vision to come to life and it is the company behind the technology that helps to create and execute the vision.

Air Graffiti Dallas continues to push the limits with the digital graffiti technology by using it in new and innovative ways that attract event guests like moths to a light.

The Air Graffiti Dallas digital graffiti wall can be used like a photo booth on steroids with their 8’ x 10’ rear projection digital screen that allows event guests to personalize their bigger than life image with digital spray paint, digital stamps and stencils.

Take it up a notch by using one of the professional artist on staff at Air Graffiti Dallas. The artist not only helps create a very professional end product but also adds to the entertainment value by doing some very creative things with the photos.

The pros at Air Graffiti Dallas continue to develop features that are moving their product towards brand activation in a big way. Logo’s can be placed on the screen and prints. A logo can even be made into an interactive stencil that can be moved sized and rotated anywhere on the digital graffiti wall then spray painted using the digital spray paint technology. Create a custom printed border that can frame the digital graffiti wall with additional branding and messaging. Air Graffiti Dallas is also testing the ability to create a customized branded call to action that prints with each photo. Brands looking to be featured at events can sponsor the Air Graffiti digital graffiti wall and get great exposure. Engage with the pros at Air Graffiti Dallas to learn more about brand activation opportunities.

Looking for something a little off the wall? How about spray paint on the front window of your store, restaurant or club that will stop the passersby. Using the Air Graffiti digital spray paint technology they can create the illusion that they are actually painting on a storefront glass. Used with a professional artist this ability has endless possibilities for branding and engagement.


A new emerging twist with the digital graffiti wall technology experts from Air Graffiti Dallas is to use it with physical objects and multiple projectors to create the illusion that the physical object is be spray painted. For instance you can have a real car at an event that will appear as if it is being spray painted with graffiti using this incredible technology.

Air Graffiti Dallas discovers new an unique methods for entertainment, engagement, and brand activation all the time. Talk to the pros of the digital graffiti wall business to learn more about what they can do for your event.

Stay tuned for the latest development coming from Interactive Dallas. Light Graffiti! Light Graffiti will be another unique and innovative interactive event entertainment technology the promises to dazzel and delight.

Also check out their product latest launch, the amazing Slow Motion Photo booth called the SloMo Lounge. Everything looks better in slow motion!


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