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Advanced Innovative Applications

for Air Graffiti Technology


Artistic Digital Event Entertainment 

Once Air Graffiti is in the hands of our In-House Professional Artist, the night becomes a live-art entertainment installation, perfect for those corporate cocktail and dinner evenings. A fantastic conversation starter and ice breaker as the artist creates illustrations and designs relevant to the event, ensuring your guests are entertained and that your message is delivered to them!  Contact us

Digital Spray Paint

No Paint, No Mess, No Odor - Just the Cool Factor! 

The high tech digital spray can by Air Graffiti Dallas feature and IR emitter that is harmless and invisible to the human eye.  But our special software and cameras can see the IR beam and translate it into digital spray paint.  You control the color, width of spray, blur and the transparency all using the on-screen tools that are also controlled with the IR spray cans.  It a little bit like magic.  It just works! 


Never run out of paint, endless array of colors and shading, Undo Button (Try that with real spray paint) Create a video or the artistic creation process.  Drip or no drip, Neon colors with limitless applications.  

Brand Activation

Interactive | Experiential | Creative | Innovative 

We invite you to explore how this innovative technology can be used in your marketing.  Air Graffiti provides flexible customization that allows it to be used in brand activation, and experiential marketing campaigns.   Custom logos presented on the screen and on the printed images,  logo stencils that invite the guest to be interactive with your brand.  Call to action on prints that can be used to drive website traffic, social media engagement, or retail store front promotion.  Printed borders can be used around the 7'5" x 10' wall for messaging and bradning.  Call us to explore how this can be used in a fun exciting way with your brand. 


Interactive Brand Activation 


Or Smarketing as we call it! Are you looking for a savvy and unique method of engaging potential customers with your brand? If so; contact us to develop your customized campaign alongside your own requirements! On-screen branding is more than achievable, indeed the range of customisation offered is substantial with our individually tailorable stencilling and stamps, associated marketing of the event and a professional artist to bring the entire experience to life! Contact us to Activate or Re-Activate your brand with an customer engaging, interactive live-art event!  


All digital backgrounds are quick and easy to customize

Enough with the printed Step and Repeat Walls! Let AirGraffiti Dallas create your wall, digitally! Whereas static printed walls require you to stay with one design for the duration of your campaign, AirGraffiti suffers no such limitations and offers total flexibility! The interactivity of the wall allows you, or your customers, to bring your brand to life with our digital paint, stamps, stencils and custom imagery. The installation allows you to leverage the power of your brand in a personal and meaningful manner, only increased by its social networking capacity to leave a lasting impression of your organisation!


Why not let us customise your next Step and Repeat wall?


Digital Spray Paint on Glass Store Front

Turning your storefront into a traffic generator has never been easier with Air Graffiti Dallas. Utilizing holographic rear projector film on your windows we create the illusion of srpay paint on glass. Activate your brand in a very cool and very interactive way. By allowing visitors to digitally paint your windows we can ensure that your brand is prominently displayed via rear projection onto your storefront, we also allow you to maintain that dialogue with your customers with our social media capacities by allowing them to print and share their memories after they have left your premises. Talk to us about creating your customized branding and call to action campaign for your store front.   Please note that optimal results for storefront displays are achieved in low-light or nighttime conditions.

Creative Auto Promotion with Digital Spray Paint

Digitally Spray Paint a New Car 

Are you ready to take your automobile marketing to the next level with AirGraffiti Dallas? Our image mapping technology allows us to convert your physical products into canvasses for our digital graffiti wall. For example; A car dealership is looking to promote either their new model or their showroom in a live-event scenario. We create a paintable digital version of the car on our 8’x10’ wall which is then projected onto the real car via a secondary projector, then the visitors take over! Painting the digital car is reflected on the real! Watch your guests marvel as the car changes in design before their own eyes, compliment the experience with our professional artist to create a press worthy promotion!

Experiential Brand Activation Events

Brand Activation Event Marketing 

You need to take action to get more than your fair share of the foot traffic into your retail storefront.  How?  The name of the game is creating branded experiences that are shared on social media.  Experiential brand marketing is the hot new trend and retailers that take advantage of it will see new customers that in turn share their experience and create more new customers. 


Retailers must continually evolve in how they engage with consumers. They must seek to create personal experiences that go beyond product and price.  By creating new in-store experiences that provide that both enhance the promoted brand and add bring an interactive element can retailers properly engage with consumers in a fun and innovative way. 


To take it one step further, make this interaction so exciting and compelling that they will tweet and post about to their network of friends and you have the foundational elements of a marketing plan that will drive retail store traffic, and sales while cultivating new customers. 


How do you create brand activation experiences?


It’s all possible using the Air Graffiti interactive graffiti wall technology that invites personalization of branded photo images with digital spray paint and stencils that turn a photograph into a work of art that is printed and shared on social media along with your call to action offers.  Drive sales, social media engagement and create customer for life. 


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We continue to innovate, add new features and work with cleints to create specialized applications for the Air Graffiti application.  We invite you to explore a few of these applications below that might just spark and idea for your brand or specialized event.  We invite you to engage with us and share your vision.  We like a challenge and appreciate the opportunity to look for new and unique applications for this exciting technology.  



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