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Use Augmented Reality to Bring Celebrity to Live Events!

We are proud to introduce a new live event augmented reality platform that has been over a year in development! Over the years we have attended many fan experience events with celebrity athletes. It's a great experience as long as the celebrity is on-site, however in most instances they can only take a few minutes for fan photos leaving most fans standing in line and disappointed. Our new technology allows the ability create an amazing fan experience with a virtual celebrity that can be operated in multiple locations simultaneously as often and as long as you want. Anytime, Anyplace! If your organization has an association with an athlete or celebrity this new technology allows you to leverage this investment with your brand at live events with a unique an innovative activation. This incredible content becomes rocket fuel for social media as fans share their videos and photos along with your branded message. This can also be used with animated characters from a movie or game for an incredible photo/video opportunity that makes for an amazing launch opportunity. Let an animated character star in your next event.

Monitors at the event will preview the live engagement in real time. No VR head gear or special glasses required. It's fast, fun, and easy! We would love to work with you to customize this amazing activation to meet your requirements. Call us directly at 214-293-5044 or send an email to

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