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Brand Activations That Dazzle and Delight

The term activation means to turn on or start something or to energize a process. When used with other words like event, brand or marketing the combined definition is greater that the sum of its parts. Event activation brand Activation, and marketing activation are all new buzzwords that mean different things to each of us.

The team at Interactive Dallas has been busy inventing and creating new ways to energize activations that dazzle and delight. In order to accomplish this certain criteria need to be meet. First, we need to understand the vision of the client. Often this is a challenging process, as the clients has no ideas about the possibilities and capabilities and is likely limiting themselves by their knowledge level of what’s possible. We often hear the words new, cool, different, unique and innovative to try and describe what they are seeking. The descriptions are often a bit nebulous. They will know it when they see it kind of thing. This is where it’s important to combine elements from past experiences along with the knowledge of what’s possible, to assist the client in the creating of their vision that meets their goals and is achievable.

Another key criteria is to keep the learning curve to near zero for any activation. We want to engage consumer and event guests with activations that capture their attention and draw them in. For this to happen the activation must be easy to use. While there may be complex technology elements in play, the focus has to be on execution of the final product that will require very little knowledge in order for the activation to be successful. The goal is to create fresh new experiences the excite, and illicit comments like wow, cool, what is this, how do you do this?

Lastly the activation needs to add value and move us closer to the goal and vision. The goal might be to bring consumers closer to your brand, to create awareness and drive engagement or to simply entertain and create a memorable experience that can be related to an event or brand.

Interactive Dallas is presently working with two customizable technologies that offer some awesome new experiences that brands can use to create engagement with consumers in unique and innovative ways.

The first is the Air Graffiti Dallas digital graffiti wall that continues to re-invent itself with new features that offer a multitude of ways it can be used. I will take you through a few of the ways it has been used with clients to accomplish their goals.

In it’s simplest form the Air Graffiti digital graffiti wall is an incredible artistic tool that offers the ability to use a large digital canvas up to 10’ tall by 12’ wide with the digital spray paint technology. In the hands of an artist the digital spray paint technology turns a blank canvas into incredible works of art that can be related to an event theme, or message. By combining the digital spray paint technology with custom themed backgrounds brands can create unique and innovative brand activations that attract crowds.

If desired logo’s can be easily added that will appear both on the digital graffiti wall as well as prints. The logos will always stay on top and cannot be painted over. Even better let the professionals at Air Graffiti Dallas create a digital stencil of the logo that can be sized, turned and moved anywhere on the screen and painted using the digital spray paint. If desired you can customize the colors that can be used to meet your branding requirements. They can even match your PMS color codes.

For a twist use the Air Graffiti Dallas technology on glass to create the illusion of spray painting on glass. This is great for storefront activations where you want to attract large crowds of passersby. Let the Air Graffiti Dallas designers create a call to action that will print with the photos and get this crowd into your store.


One of the most popular event activities we do with the Air Graffiti Dallas digital graffiti wall is incorporate photography. Photos are taken of event guests against a green screen. The photos are opened on the digital graffiti wall where custom digital backgrounds can be introduced. After this the guest can use the digital spray paint technology to personalize their photo before printing and sharing on social media.

In addition to the digital spray paint, event guest can use digital stamps and stencils features to add things like hats, glasses, jewelry, devil horns and halos to their photos. Stamps and stencils can be customized for your event. Logo’s can also be added to the screen and prints if desired.


Air Graffiti Dallas can also create digital step and repeat logo backgrounds that can be added to any photo. The customization opportunities are endless.

The digital graffiti wall technology can also be used with multiple projectors to create the illusion of spray painting on physical objects. This has been used on cars where an image of the car is placed on the digital graffiti wall and a secondary projector is used with a real car at the event so that when digital spray paint is applied to the image of the car it appears in real time on the live car at the event creating the illusion of spray painting on the car. This can be used with any large physical object or side of a building. This is brand activation on steroids.

Regardless of the event, the digital graffiti wall by Air Graffiti Dallas can be used to dazzle and delight!

Another new technology that is now making its appearance at more and more events is the Slow Motion Video photo booth. Everything looks better in slow motion! Check out the latest introduction from the SloMo Lounge Dallas that takes this event activity to the next level with their software and advanced cameras that have been designed for the event industry with brand activation being a key focus.

You logo or slogan can be added to the videos as well as freeze frame photos that are printed at the event. The SloMo Lounge is a unique and innovative experience.


The next technology being developed and almost ready for prime time is the Light Graffiti technology that promises to elevate the dazzle and delight element to a whole new level. Stay tuned for more about Light Graffiti Activations. You will be amazed.

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