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Photo Event Entertainment – The typical photo booth is giving way to new technologies that offer engaging, and unique experiences that your guests will love. One of these is the Digital Graffiti Wall. Don’t let the word Graffiti scare you. These are basically large rear projection screens that display HD photos of your guest that can be personalized with digital spray paint. Your guest can spray paint on their photos or you can have an professional artist to create stand alone art or assist your guest with their photo. A great example of this is technology is from Air Graffiti Dallas. Air Graffiti can also be integrated with Instagram to use photos taken by guests with their smartphone.

The second new technology that is quickly becoming a crowd favorite is the Slow Motion Photo Booth. Event professional use high speed video cameras to take short video clips of wedding guests using quirky photo props then play the video back in super slow motion. To see this technology in action check out

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