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Digital Spray Paint Interactive Graffiti Wall

Digital Spray Paint

One of the fastest growing trends for private and corporate parties and events is digital spray paint. Perfect for weddings, marketing events, Bar Mitzvahs, and virtually any other type of party, digital spray paint works by using an infrared light and screen to create the effect of actual spray paint on a blank canvas or on top of digital images. Here are a few reasons you should consider a digital graffiti wall for your next party:

It is safe and easy.

Unlike actual spray paint, digital spray paint creates no smell, no fumes, and no clean up. Your guests will get the exact same type of effect that regular spray paint provides but you can safely use it indoors. Using digital graffiti is extremely simple. Your guests will use a real spray paint can that has an infrared sensor inside. Simply pointing the can at the screen and pressing the top is all they have to do.

It is interactive.

What makes digital spray paint so fun is that it is completely interactive for your guests. Not only do your guests get to spend time laughing and having fun with each other as they spray over their own images, they also have the opportunity to have any of their graffiti creations printed (in less than 10 seconds) or sent to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites.

It is perfect for any event.

Whether you are looking for Bar Mitzvah entertainment ideas, Christmas party entertainment, wedding entertainment, or even a corporate meeting or product launch party, digital spray paint is the perfect solution for your guests. Branding and other customization options are available upon request so get in touch with Air Graffiti Dallas today to book your digital spray paint package. Your guests will thank you for

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