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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Graffiti



How does Air Graffiti work?



AirGraffiti is a combination of technologies that when meldled together within our proprietery software appliction simply creates magic! By tracking harmless, invisible Infrared light emitted by our digital spray paint cans with our operating systems we turn your guests hand movements into mouse-precision adjustments but with a scope of control envied by traditional spray paint users.



What needs to be provided for Air Graffiti Dallas at an event?



Access to a standard 20 amp 110 volt circuit will provide adequate power.



For printer and props if desired


WiFi Access:  

Please provide a password to on-site WiFi for social media sharing, and email features




How much space is required for an Air Graffiti event?


AirGraffiti uses rear projection technology and requires a space of about 20' x 15' if we are using the Air Graffiti Screen with the 8'x8' green screen. This allows adequate room for the 8' x 10' digital screen, equipment and an interaction zone for your guests. AirGraffiti works optimally in corners of event as this infringes less on your event design. Ideally AirGraffiti should be setup away from the DJ or live entertainment to allow for verbal exchange. If space is a concern call and we can do a walk through of the venue and the use of flat panel monitors to dramatically reduce the space requirements!




Can Air Graffiti be used outdoors?


The answer is a qualified yes; The technology is a low light, nightime event technology, best results are achieved in low light conditions, the darker the better! Should darker conditions be required it is possible to contain the wall within a tent. You also need to consider wind as this is an 8' wide x 10' tall screen that will move in gusty wind. Lastly the temperature needs to be above 60 degress farenheit for the event. 




Do I need to be concerned about paint fumes or permits?


No paint, no smell, no fumes, no danger, no way!  AirGraffiti is all digital, not only are fumes not a problem but we also never run out of paint! No special permit required. 



Does Air Graffiti Dallas Travel?


Yes - We can drive to destinations in TX, LA, OK, and AR though a mileage fee of $1.25 per mile round trip, plus two rooms if over 150 miles one way. We can also travel to any destination via air with the necessary equipment and can rent some of the equipment locally to further save your marketing budget! Call for further information regarding location.



How much does Air Graffiti Cost?


As a company dedicated to personalised and professional experiences, price is an aspect we discuss with our clients privately. Our one-to-one discussions regarding your requirements factor in not only optimal timing of your events but also size.  We are focused on delivering your vision for an event. Acknowledging that each experience is tailored to the client, and each experience comes with its own tailored quote. Let us create a custom quote for your event.  Contact Us...



How do I book Air Graffiti for an event?


Simple - call or email us.  We will confirm the availability and send you a simple agreement via email.   Contact Us... 



How far out can I book an event?


We are available to take bookings upto 24 months in advance. Contact us...



How does Air Graffiti work with non-profits groups?


We love to work with non-profits and can offer discounted services as well as some fun and unique fund raising opportunities.  We invite you to call us. Contact Us... 




Does Air Graffiti Dallas work with sponsors?


Yes - we are excited to work with sponsors and offer many types of branding and experiential based marketing opportunities. Please follow the links below for more information or to contact us direct! Contact us...  Experiential Marketing and Brand Activation .   More Info...       Contact Us...



How long does setup take?


Approximately 2 hours depending on load in requirements.  Tear down takes about an hour.  




Do you have multiple digital graffiti walls for large or multiple events?


Yes - we can accomodate events that require more than one screen. 

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