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The Ultimate Bar | Bat Mitzvah Entertainment

Advancements in entertainment technology are creating new unique experiences for Mitzvahs. An example of this is happening now as the photo booth is quickly being replaced by advancements in new photo entertainment. Two companies leading the way in this rapid transition to new interactive and innovative types of photo entertainment are Air Graffiti Dallas and SloMo Lounge of Dallas.


Air Graffiti’s approach to take photo entertainment to the next level means using multiple technologies that when combined create whole new experiences that are unique and innovative. Don’t let the word graffiti scare you away from this technology as it is perfectly at home in a high end wedding as it is in a urban themed corporate sales event. The creators of Air Graffiti have created digital spray paint that is applied to HD photos with an innovative digital spray paint can that emits nothing more than harmless infrared light. It feels so real event guest will shake the can. The digital graffiti wall is a 8’ tall by 10’ wide rear projection screen that displays guest photos in bigger than life size. The Air Graffiti software allows guest to easily add event themed digital backgrounds, digital photo props, and stencils. Using the digital spray can they select the color of spray paint, the size of spray and even if they want the digital paint to run or not. The end result is an event entertainment attraction that attracts and mesmerizes event guests with a very cool technology. The final image can be printed, emailed or shared on social media. Customization options include branding with a logo on screen and prints, or a 12” custom printed border that frames the 8’ x 10’ screen. Great for calling attention to hash tags and brand messaging. Learn more at Air Graffiti Dallas http://www.airgraffitidallas


The other company that you should look into for unique event entertainment is SloMo Lounge of Dallas. Slow motion video has long been an intriguing medium, but the equipment required to capture high speed video and play it back in slow motion has been out of the reach of most event budgets until now, SloMo Lounge of Dallas has designed an application and highly advanced video camera technology that was created for the event industry with event professionals in mind. The SloMo Lounge professionals take short videos of event guest interacting with each other and their quirky props and play it back in super slow motion. A short 7 second video will take almost a full minute to playback in super slow motion. The results are incredible! Stunning HD video that shows fun facial expressions and emotions of event guests that will surprise. The process is a simple Step #1. Press start and get a 3 second count down to the start of the video. Now shake it baby! #2. A few seconds later the group can watch their video play back in super slow motion #3. Select from multiple frames to print still pictures from the video and share your video via email and social media. Wow! The execution is elegant and simple and the results are stunning. Learn More at SloMo Lounge

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