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Air Graffiti Dallas Takes Experiential Marketing to the Next Level Offering a Digital Graffiti Wall

Engaging customers and inspiring them to step into a retail store is often a great challenge. Air Graffiti Dallas offer a digital graffiti wall that not only bring customers through doors, but also inspires them to share their experiences widely across social media. The response to the service has been incredibly enthusiastic.

September 22, 2014

The Retail challenge: Retailers must continually evolve in how they engage with consumers. They must seek to create personal experiences that go beyond product and price. By creating new in-store experiences that provide that both enhance the promoted brand and add bring an interactive element can retailers properly engage with consumers in a fun and innovative way. One company that is elegantly addressing these issues, is Dallas-based Air Graffiti Dallas. Air Graffiti Dallas is an interactive digital graffiti photo wall that is tremendously effective in retail brand activation and for inspiring consumer engagement, by providing shoppers with a fun interactive experience that is as interesting as it is unique.

“Our digital graffiti board is pure magic when it comes to attracting consumer's attention and getting them to want to participate,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “An added bonus is that the experience is so unique that consumers can't help but share about it widely on social media. This equals great positive feedback for a brand through a new take on experiential marketing!”

According to the company, the Air Graffiti Dallas Digital Graffiti Wall is 7'5" tall by 10' wide making it an excellent canvas for digital artists. All the art is full HD and after their artists have their fun using the wall's digital spray paint can, a high quality print copy can be made quickly to preserve and share the experience. All this adds up to a great deal of social media sharing, positive word of mouth and much more. The possibilities are near endless.

In addition to mall and retail promotions, the digital graffiti wall is also very popular at school events, for sports team socials, for birthday parties and other celebrations and even automobile promotions.

Customers continue to give Air Graffiti Dallas passionately positive feedback.

Emily G., from Austin, recently said, “A friend's family had rented to an Air Graffiti board for her birthday party and it was such a fun, incredible experience. Definitely the highlight of the party, and seeing all the photos on Instagram and Facebook afterward was really awesome. I can't wait until we get to use one again. It made what was a pretty dull party totally fun!”

The Digital Graffiti wall requires no paint, no fumes or other potentially harmful substances, is completely safe, legal and fun. Booking is simple and easy, with prices ranging on the day and time desired, the size of the event and other factors. Air Graffiti Dallas are always happy to provide quotes on request.

For more information on this exciting marketing opportunity be sure to visit, email or call Dennis Walthers at 214-293-5044.

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