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Unique Event Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Party

Are you throwing a party but just are not sure what kind of entertainment you should have that not only keeps your guests happy but provides a unique and unforgettable experience as well? Here are a few ideas for unique event entertainment that will work for you, your friends, or even as corporate event entertainment.

Hire a comedian.

Comedians are a great way to add unique event entertainment regardless of what type of party you are having. There are many different types of comedians to choose from including a stand up that has a preset act to perform to entire improv troupes that can create on the spot laughs based on your guests.

A digital graffiti wall uses infrared technology and a large screen to allow your guests to virtually spray paint on custom backgrounds or photos right at your party. They can then be added to a slideshow, printed out, or uploaded to social media sites. This is one of the newest and fastest growing trends for unique event entertainment because it is interactive and even presents branding opportunities for businesses.

For the latest digital spray paint walls, get in touch with Air Graffiti Dallas today. We offer state-of-the-art technology that is guaranteed to make your party or event unforgettable.

Hire a speed novelist.

A speed novelist types out short stories based on a few questions that your guests will provide. The story usually only takes the writer a minute to create and can then be bound and given to your guests to take home.

While a digital graffiti wall offers more opportunities for branding, both give your guests keepsakes that they can take home and share with their families and friends, guaranteeing your event will never be forgotten.

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