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Unique and Innovative Corporate Event Entertainment

Are you hosting an event for your product, service, or business but are not sure what your guests will enjoy that also helps your promotion efforts? Digital graffiti walls are a perfect solution for you. Air Graffiti Dallas specializes in providing high quality digital spray paint packages for your company's next event or party. Here are a few reasons having a digital graffiti wall is the perfect solution for your corporate event entertainment needs:

It is the perfect way to break the ice.

Whether you are promoting a new product or service, being able to talk to your target audience in a relaxed way is important to building trust. Digital graffiti walls are extremely interactive and allow your guests to interact with the operator while they learn how to use the system. This is a great opportunity for our employees to build rapport with your guests and reach them on a personal level.

Branding has never been easier.

Digital spray paint walls can be completely customized by Air Graffiti Dallas to provide stencils for your company as well as branded images and backgrounds to help keep your company on the front of your guests' minds.

Let your guests promote for you.

All of the digital manipulations created by the visitors of your corporate event can be shared in a variety of ways. Not only can your guests use the branded images to share on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, they can also be printed out in just a few seconds. These images are created by your guests so they will be shared to friends and family - this means more exposure for your brand.

Get started today.

Digital graffiti walls are the perfect corporate event entertainment solution. With many satisfied customers in Dallas and the surrounding areas, Air Graffiti Dallas can provide you with the event entertainment you need. Get in touch with us today and book your digital spray paint screen.

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