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Photo Booth Rentals

A great way to entertain your guests at an event is by using photo booth rentals. Photo booth rentals allow everyone at your party to take fun snapshots of themselves that not only give them a keepsake to take home after the event is over, but also create a lasting physical reminder of a great party. While traditional photo booth rentals are great for any event, new technology is starting to change the way we think about photo booths: digital spray paint and Instagram photo walls.

Imagine instead of taking a picture in standard photo booth rentals and having it printed that you could spray paint fun messages (or practically anything you wanted) on the image first. That is exactly what you are able to do with a digital graffiti wall. By renting a digital graffiti wall instead of photo booth rentals, you will have a large 10' by 7'5" screen that displays every picture taken at the party by a photographer.

These images can then be spray painted with digital spray paint by your gusts making it one of the best interactive event entertainment ideas today. It is highly interactive, extremely fun, and helps set your event apart from other parties your guests have been to.

With photo booth rentals you and your guests have to sit inside of a tiny compartment and take pictures. This does not allow for any type of candid moments of the event. With an Instagram photo wall your guests can take their own pictures on their mobile devices, add a special hashtag, and have their images added to a customized screen that plays the images in a slideshow fashion. This is a great way to bring guests together and create a unique experience that transforms the traditional way we think of photo booth rentals.

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