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Interactive Digital Graffiti Wall

Whether you are holding a private party or corporate event, having fun and interactive entertainment is one of the most important aspects to keeping your guests or employees happy. Having a digital graffiti wall is the perfect solution for brand promotions, trade shows, corporate opening events, or any other type of party entertainment.

They are great for private parties.

If you are looking for Bar Mitzvah entertainment ideas or a creative Christmas party entertainment focal point, a digital graffiti wall is perfect for any type of party you are throwing. The way it works is simple: your graffiti wall will be set up and you can use a blank background or have your own picture added as a background.

Your guests can then use digital spray paint cans with an infrared sensor to spray paint on the screen. Images can be printed out in less than 10 seconds giving your guests a creative keepsake to remember the event.

They are perfect for business events.

With a digital graffiti wall you can quickly create brand awareness is a creative, fun way. Not only can guests print out their digital creations with your branded logo added to the image, they can also be added to social media so your guests spread our message for you.

Book your digital graffiti wall today.

Regardless of what type of event you are holding, a graffiti wall is a creative way to make your party as memorable as possible. If you are in the Dallas area, get in touch with Air Graffiti Dallas. Our digital spray paint boards begin at 10' by 7.5' but larger screens are available upon request. Contact us and book your digital graffiti wall for your next event.

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