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Best Event Entertainment

When choosing the best event entertainment for your corporate event or personal private party, there are a few things to consider. Not only does it need to be unique event entertainment, it also needs to be fun for your guests and create long lasting, positive memories. While there are a lot of different routes you could choose, a digital graffiti wall is one of the best event entertainment choices you can make.

Digital spray paint is a great option because of how interactive and simple it is. Basically a digital graffiti wall is a large screen that has the ability to detected infrared light. In addition to the special screen, there is a digital spray can that looks and feels exactly like a regular spray paint can (your guests can even shake it up) but instead of paint inside, it beams a ray of infrared light.

This light is detected by the screen and displays your digital painting. The reason this works so great for events is that you do not have to simply work with a blank canvas. Guests can have professional images taken of them and displayed on the screen that they can then paint over. It does not even matter if you are an artist or not; stencils can be used to add funny elements to the images to create a unique experience.

One of the biggest reasons digital spray paint is one of the best event entertainment choices you can make is that it also allows you to give your guests a gift. After the images have been painted and modified, Air Graffiti Dallas can print the images out in less than 10 seconds. The images can also be directly added to social media sites as well. With custom branding opportunities available, digital graffiti is a great way to increase corporate exposure from your event as well.

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