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Interactive Event Entertainment Activity

Interactive Event Entertainment Activity


Interactive has been the buzzword in event entertainment activities for the past couple of years. Event crowds have become numb to passive activities and seek something that offers a bit more creative and innovative flare to capture their attention. If you looking for an interactive event entertainment activity that brings the wow factor allow me to introduce you to Air Graffiti Dallas the Interactive Event Entertainment activity that is unique, creative and innovative.

Photography: Got you covered! Everyone’s a star in with our new giant digital screen that displays HD images on a giant digital graffiti wall that measure 8’ tall by 10’ wide.

Interactive: Yep! Check that box. Air Graffiti Dallas is a game changer with their innovative digital spray paint technology. No mess or smell because its all digital.

Using their infrared light technology event guest can spray paint on their giant photo displayed on the digital graffiti wall.

Creative: Oh Yeah! Your only limited by your imagination. Not artistic? No problem. Air Graffiti Dallas has stencils that can be painted by anyone. They can even create customized stencils if you desire. Maybe an interactive logo .

Innovative: The definition of Innovation is to introduce something new or make changes in anything established. Air Graffiti sets the new standard for innovative event entertainment activities.

Customizable: The digital graffiti wall technology by Air Graffiti Dallas is used by some of the biggest brands and best event planners in the industry at their most prestigious events and venues. Air Graffiti Dallas knows how to customize the technology for your event to add that special touch. Your guests will be amazed and will be talking about it for days!

First a group photo is taken and displayed on a giant digital screen measuring 8’ tall by 10’ wide. Then, a digital background of your choice is dropped in with the help of an assistant that knows all there is to know about the Air Graffiti software application. This can be customized and branded if desired to match the theme of your event. Next the guests are invited to spray paint on their photo. Add a cool caption, hash tag, thought bubble or just add some funny hats and sunglasses. Your company logo can be added to the image before it is printed and shared via social media and email.

To say the crowds love the digital graffiti wall is an understatement. If you want a guaranteed hit, call the professionals at Air Graffiti Dallas. They can travel to any event at any destination. For more details go to

The creators of Air Graffiti Dallas also just introduced a new slow motion photo booth technology called the SloMo Lounge that also looks like another huge crowd pleaser. More more details visit

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