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50 Shades of Grey Event Entertainment Ideas

If your inner goddess is seeking some over the top interactive excitement for an upcoming event you need to pay attention. One of the hottest trends in event themes this year is the urban theme. Nothing goes better with an urban theme than Graffiti. And nothing goes better with graffiti than the addition of photography.

You’re about to learn about the next generation of event photo technology. Imagine combining bigger than life photos on an 8’ tall x 10’ wide digital screen with digital spray paint. That is the design of event entertainment, by Air Graffiti Dallas.

Taking event entertainment to an edgy new level with their new virtual graffiti wall technology. Simply put; Its like a photo booth on steroids.

The Air Graffiti Dallas’ 8’ x 10’ digital graffiti wall brings all the favorite elements of customization to event planners. Include a logo on the screen and prints; add a custom printed border around the digital graffiti wall screen, include a branded call to action on printed images, share images of facebook and Twitter or email directly from the screen.

If you’re a fan of Instagram there is a new feature just for you. Using a keyword for an event, guest can post images to Instagram using a hash tag, that allows the Air Graffiti technology to access these images and pull them into their giant screen to create a personalized collage of event images posted on Instagram.

Air Graffiti is the perfect event entertainment companion for weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, birthdays, mitzvahs, graduation, sweet 16’s or any celebration.

If desired, Air Graffiti Dallas provides professional artist to create performance themed art for an event. For the ultimate event entertainment impact it is suggested to use a performance artist during the early part of an event then switch over to photography mode later in the event.

The next hot trending event entertainment is Slow Motion Photo Booths. The latest offering from SloMo Lounge of Dallas brings incredible new features such as super slow motion HD video using their advanced high-speed camera technology capable of 240 frames per second that allows the video to be played back in 8X slow motion. A 7 second video takes a full minute to playback allowing you to see incredible facial expressions and emotions as your guests interact with each other using quirky props. Mr. Grey will see you now!

Its time to release your inner goddess and take the plunge with the best interactive and innovative event entertainment. Your ready for the ultimate air graffiti experience and all that Air Graffiti Dallas has to offer. Laters Baby!

To book Air Graffiti Dallas for your next event or to learn more, please visit the website at or contact them directly at 214-293-5044.

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